Orchard for kids

This project is a mini garden for children and kids. It is necessary to learn how to evaluate the growth process of plants and dedicate themselves to their care.

The owners wanted a space with grass to play the children and in the background they proposed a mini garden of different species taking advantage of vegetables and seasonal vegetables (lettuce, tomato, aromatic plants, etc.).

In this space, both children and adults, can grow their own vegetables and thus, having a good time while spending time with their family and at the same time being able to eat their own vegetables.

The garden brings happiness!

To attract the attention of children we often plant strawberries. They bring variety to the orchard and due to its red color it optically attracts the attention of the little ones. It is important to cultivate varieties that children later enjoy eating them. In this way it is much easier for them to acquire the taste for cultivation.

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